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How do I start 

Simply fill out the online application or you can print a copy to fill out. If you like you can call to book a meet and greet. Just remember, before your dog can attend daycare they have to be up to date on vaccines & they have to be Flea and Tick protected.

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Are the dogs supervised at all times?

Yes, the dogs are physically monitored with both staff and on a camera system through the inside and outside of the daycare

What is a Meet and Greet Session?

We always do a Meet and Greet prior to beginning regular daycare or boarding visits. A Meet and Greet is an initial visit so that we can get to know your dog, and your dog can get to know us. During this time we will perform a temperament evaluation in order to make sure doggy daycare and/or boarding is a good fit for your furry friend. This visit can be requested via email or phone call. The session can last up to 5 hours, but should you need to leave your dog with us all day just let us know and we will make the necessary accommodations! Normal rates apply.


How do I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation for or daycare by calling us at...

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Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered?

*All enrolled puppies must be neutered before 6 months

New enrolling puppies must provide proof of a pre-booked apt for spayed or Neutering. If you have questions contact Pam.

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Can you give my dog their medications?

We are happy to administer any necessary medications that your dog may require while in our care. 

Do you have a vet on staff?

We do not have a vet on staff but we will contact the vet you list on your application in case of an emergency. We then work with your dog's personal vet moving forward to handle any situation.

* For fast and convenient communication between The Beach Dog and your Veterinarian have them fax us any needed documents to 978-517-5036.

Do you accept puppies for daycare?

Yes! We accept puppies once they are 12 weeks of age. Your puppy must have received his first three sets of vaccinations. But we require verification that you will have your puppy spayed or neutered at 6 months. 

*Please check with your vet if your puppy is between 12 and 24 weeks old to make sure that they are ready for daycare.

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Do the Dogs get a break?

Breaks are given individually depending on the dog. If they are high energy they will sometimes be separated from the pack until they calm down. Typically they find a nice place to nap when they are done playing all on their own.

What time do the dogs go out?

We have an open-door policy, weather permitting. Typically the doors are left open so the dogs can go in and out of their own free will. The yards are also fully monitored by staff and video cameras. If the weather is bad and the doors are closed the dogs can still access the outside through the doggy doors. 

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Do you give tours of the facility?

We are happy to give tours to anyone interested. We just ask that you prebook on the weekends so as not to stress the dogs during daycare hours. 

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What time do the dogs eat?

Lunch is served between 11:30 and 12:00 but any dogs on a more specific diet are accommodated individually.

What about snow days?

We live in the North East, and unfortunately, every day can't be a beach day, but we have you covered. 

Snow Storm Policy

The Beach Dog follows the same snowstorm protocols as the Triton Public Schools and the Newburyport High School. If there is a school delay, then the Beach Dog Daycare will have the same delay. If school is announced closed due to snow then The Beach Dog will be closed too.

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How often is your
facility cleaned?

Cleaning and disinfecting are done all day every day. We use Top Performance 256 products. The same products are used by our local veterinarians.  

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What payments do you accept?

We accept

  • cash

  • personal checks

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • Discover.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you have a reservation for boarding or daycare and need to cancel, please let us know 24 hours in advance that our furry friend will not be joining us.

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*For fast and convenient communication between The Beach Dog and your Veterinarian have them fax us any needed documents to 978-517-5036.

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