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little Beach Dog Facility

The little Beach Dog Daycare consists of both indoor and outdoor spaces.  Our space is 1800 square feet. The dogs have access to toddler beds, mats, and dog beds. No cages at the little Beach Dog. Dog bowls are always full and we use filtered water only. Our facility is also air purified by Pure Aire, guaranteeing indoor play to be just as fresh as outdoor play. 

The little Beach Dog Daycare has a large outdoor area where dogs are allowed to roam and free play at their leisure. Your dog will have access to both enjoy the sunshine and the shade. These areas are 100% astroturf and monitored by our staff all day. Poops are bagged and disposed of immediately.  We guaranteed a fresh and clean environment. 

We are a proud user of Top Performance® 256. This product is pet safe and is formulated for cleaning and sanitizing pet cages, kennels, veterinary clinics, and more. Kills canine influenza, canine parvovirus, plus over 50 other viruses and pathogens! 

PureAire Filters at Doggy Daycare

We credit our facility for being the only doggy daycare in the area that uses UVC technology from PureAire. The PureAire systems use utilizes ultraviolet technology to create higher air quality, by disabling airborne microorganisms, rendering them harmless – which dramatically will reduce the possibility of infection and allergic reactions, especially from mold. UVC is a specific band of ultraviolet light that destroys the virus' ability to replicate.  Rest assured while playing outside or inside your furry family member is always getting a breath of fresh air. 

 " The Beach Dog Provides the best-filtered water for your pet."
Wellsys water purification at the little beach dog

The little Beach Dog doesn't stop with just clean filtered air. Fresh, clean water is essential to your furry family member and it is to us too. We use the top-of-the-line Wellsy filtration systems throughout the daycare facility. This means your dog gets the cleanest, most nutrient-dense water at all times. From hose to bowl feel confident that your furry-family member is receiving top-quality water while enjoying their day at daycare. 

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