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DIY Frozen Treats for Small Dog Breeds

Three small dog breeds with frozen dog treats

A dog's natural way to clean their teeth is to chew. Small breeds often have teeth issues due to crowding. As we created small dog breeds the evolution didn't factor tooth count. Therefore a smaller jaw with the same amount of teeth can be troublesome. Chewing scrapes debre off the teeth and promotes healthy gums. So chew toys and dog bones are a must. Unfortunately when the treat within the dog bone is gone your dog might stop chewing and discard it. But don’t throw them away. Using chew toys designed for snacks has appeal, but typically won’t last long after the snack is gone. Freezing snacks within the toy slows down the chew sessions, is a great way to hydrate and get some relief from hot summer months, and enhances mouth heath. So the Little Beach Dog would like to share some DIY frozen treats for small dog breeds.

Step One: is to prep the bone or the chew toy. Simply boil them or run them through the dishwasher. Once your chewable are clean, let them dry.

Small Dog wish a bone to wash

Step Two: now we prep the base with peanut butter to create a vessel. Choose the smaller end of the bone or the small end of the chew toy. We recommend the Kong for puppies for small dog breeds. West Paw Toppl Chew Toys are great too and don’t need to be peanut butter prepped because they are already bowl-shaped.

Vector images of a peanut butter jar and a dog bone filled with peanut butter

But if your chew toy of choice needs to be plugged off at one end, use dog-safe peanut butter. Some peanut butter contains Xylitol. This is an added sweetener that all humans must AVOID giving to their dogs. Please make a note of the peanut butter to avoid listed below. Always check your peanut butter for Xylitol before giving it to your dog. For more information: Is Peanut Butter Safe for My Dog?


  • Go Nuts

  • Krush Nutrition

  • Nuts 'N More

  • P28 Foods

  • No Cow (formerly D's Naturals).

Using the dog-safe peanut butter of your choice, block off one end of the bone or chew toy. Fill the toy 1-2 inches, then layer the bottom of the bone or chew the toy like a cupcake. This will make sure the base of your frozen treat is sealed off completely, which is essential to the next step. Place the peanut butter prepped side upward in a bowl or container and freeze.

Step Three: When your peanut butter base is completely frozen take them out and turn them upside down. You can now fill the bone or chew toy with a filling of your choice. We use any drippings from cooked diners. Like the juice from a roast or the broth from crockpot leftovers. Saving the boiled water from veggies is a smart way to give your dog a vitamin & mineral-rich treat too. Nothing goes to waste. Yogurt works well too. Try to think of popsicle consistency. The easier the treat melts the less messy the treats might get.

Vector image of filling a dog bone with any gravy or dog treat in preparation for freezing

There you have it, DIY frozen treats for small dog breeds that are sure to please your small dog breeds. If your small dog breed has teeth issues always consult your veterinarian before trying frozen treats to see if this is a safe option for your dog.


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